Luang Pu Inn Khun Paen BE 2557

 SGD $48

Master : Luang Phor Inn

Temple : Wat Nong Mek

Year : BE 2557

Purpose : Charm, Love, Relationship

Material : Sacred white herbal holy powder prepare by Top Maha Saney expert Luang Phor Inn in Thailand, with embedded Gem stones and Tarkuts.

Effect : Superb for Attractiveness, Charms and Strong opposite sex attraction. Dissolving disharmony between people. Grant wishes and helps you achieve your aims.

Biography : Luang Phor Inn is an expert of Maha Saney, he choose to study the ways of producing charming amulets from many gurus, he even lived in Khmer for 10 years studying charms and luck in BE 2497.

Remarks : Kartha will be given together with amulet, Register postage with tracking number once confirm booking.

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