Luang Phor Nen Kumpeero Salika Tarkut BE 2557

 SGD $38

Master : Luang Phor Nen Kumpeero

Temple : Wat Kased Tung Setti

BE : 2557

Purpose : Charm , Love, Relationship

Material : Metal case containing a tube of charm oil with silver Takrut

Effect : Superb for Attractiveness, Charms and Strong opposite sex attraction. This batch of Salika Tarkut name Yod Maha Saney is blessed by Luang Phor Nen Kumpeero 2 times to help people to become wealthy and united on 29th March 2014.

Biography : LP Nen Kumpeero was born in BE 2523, since young at the age of 7 he have interest in dharma and can contact and be obsessed by Lersi Tafai, a powerful hermit. After ordination, LP Nen Kumpeero set his heart on dharma and meditation. He spent most time on religious journey and holy expedition in Thailand and Laos to learn magic and meditation from many gurus like Luang Phor Kumpun, Luang Phor Phromma, Luang Phor Jaran, Luang Phor Sawaii. Luang Phor P Nen Kumpeero established Wat Ban Kases Toong Setthi, Roi Ed Province in BE2549 to let people worship, meditate, chant and do Buddhist rites. He always teaches people to do good and avoid doing wrong to maintain Buddhism.

Remarks : Register postage with tracking number once confirm booking

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