Luang Pu Pae Phra Pidta Maha Ut BE 2514 (2nd Batch)

This amulet is named Phra Pidta Maha Ut Neua Phong Bailan Khleuab Shellac in B.E.2514, better known as “Roon Jong Ang Seuk” (Jong Ang means King Cobra, Seuk means Battle).

This amulet was consecrated in B.E.2514 by Wat Pikulthong Temple and was blessed by Luang Pu Pae, a respectable noble monk of Wat Pikulthong Temple, Singburi Province, Thailand. The purpose of creating this 6 arms Phra Pidta after the first batch in B.E. 2513 were to have a stronger emphasis on protective powers to distribute specially to the Queen’s first combat unit (The Cobra Regiment) which was deployed to Bien Hoa in 1971. Over 37,000 Thai military personnel served in South Vietnam and only 539 Thai soldiers died in South Vietnam.

Main mixture of this amulet is called Neua Phong Bailan, which were made of old sacred palm book powder and sacred ingredients. This rare jem has one mini takrut embedded at the bottom, with Luang Pu Pae’s holy powder plug at the takrut hole at bottom of the amulet with a special lacquer coated originally by the temple.

This Phra Pidta Maha Ut is the most popular amulet among the Phra Pidta by Luang Pu Pae. The public favour this amulet because of its great power for Khlaeo Khlat means protection or escape from dangers, Metta Mahaniyom means bring loving kindness and forgiveness from others, Maha Ut means struggle against weaponry, Maha Amnaj means special power to make others respect with fear.

The amulet power of this Phra Pidta depends on the owner purpose and pray with a concentrated mind to fulfil his wish.

The size of this Phra Pidta amulet is approximately (W x H) 2.5 x 3.0 cms. Original condition as picture and a Jem because it is rare to find.

Master : Luang Pu Pae

Temple : Wat Pikulthong

Year : BE 2514

Condition : Unworn

Effect: Protection from harm, danger and overcome all obstacles in life, Highly collectible and 100% genuine.



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