Luang Pu Phromma Khun Paen BE 2538

Luang Pu Promma Khun Paen BE 2538

Luang Pu Phromma Khun Paen BE 2538

Master : Luang Pu Phromma

Temple : Wat Tham Suan Himapant Nang Loi

Year : BE 2538

Make : 3000 Pieces for Golden Jubilee Celebration of His Majesty the King’s Accession to the Throne

Casing : Longya 965 Gold Casing

Material : Nur Phong, leklai powder with Sacred Red Gemstones and Gold Tarkut embedded

Effect : Great for Popularity,Wealth and Protective and Healing power from the Leklai.



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