Somdej (崇迪佛牌)


Amulet : Phra Somdej Lang Sivali

Master : Luang Pu Guay

Temple : Wat Kositaram, Chainat

Year : BE 2515

Material : Make from 108 Wan Holy Powder, Phong Bailan

Size : 5.5cm x 4cm (With Casing)

Purpose : For Wealth. Fortune and Luck

Remarks : Encased in Silver Casing (Available)


Amulet : Phra Somdej Pim Kaiser 1st Batch

Master : Luang Pu Sawai

Temple : Wat Preedararm

Year : BE 2542

Purpose : For Protection, Business, Wealth, Metta

Remarks : Encased in Stainless Steel Casing (Available)


Master : LP Nak

Temple : Wat Rakang

Year : BE 2495

Remarks : Encased in Longya Silver Casing (Available)

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